50 New Members Signed Up at Asda! - Maybe more, did you mean too?  - see below

It’s hard to keep pace with what is happening.  

The immediate thing is to invite you to join us for a free cup of coffee on 

Tuesday 14th January 10am to 12 noon at ASDA

The eagle eyed among you may already have seen the advert on our much visited website – this particular Update page incidentally visited by an impressive number.  What is this event about and who is it for?  The answer is you and anyone else who cares to drop in for a chat simply to find out what’s going on.

If you happen to be doing some shopping there – and Asda deserves a plug for supporting us with grants as well as this offer of space-with-free-coffee in their café – why not drop in for half an hour?   You will find volunteers with our iconic name badge ready to show you display boards on the progress we are making in applying to acquire Victoria Primary School, a stone’s throw away on the other side of Lindsay Road to become The Heart of Newhaven Community, pulsating with activities that serve the needs of everyone around us – and that means a very wide range of creative ideas.  You’ll see!Of course this is an opportunity to boost our membership still more, as I always encourage you to help by telling your friends about our exciting plans.  You will be better able to do that if you yourself know more about it.     So this morning is also for those of you who are already enthusiastic but have your own questions about the details.      

Community Champions

Meanwhile here’s another practical idea: We all do our fair share of moaning about cutbacks here and delays there, especially in providing for the needs of the most vulnerable in our community;  marginalised through no fault of their own but in danger of being forgotten as others around them are busy with their own lives.   Every day there is another sad story of someone who has been affected by some cut or delay in services.    But there are also some astonishing stories of good work being done in communities where people voluntarily pull together.  When you have a moment for a good read just click onto this link to one such encouraging account of good practice. 

We are now working on a programme leading to volunteers becoming COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS: people who may have their own story of good practice to share or who may know of story like this award winning community. 

Initially we are just looking to collect names  (yours?) on a list of those who we can approach to share ideas that may help us gather information from a variety of sources or who may themselves act as representatives of The Heart of Newhaven Community.   

It would be encouraging if you will join us on this exciting bandwagon of emerging ideas:  perhaps especially focussing on one of our key themes Well-being in the Community If you’d like to know more about this or anything related to it then pop into Asda for coffee on Tuesday 10-12. 

Or continue to watch this space as we develop a scheme to identify those who, perhaps like you, are ready to help make our vision come true by being a COMMUNITY CHAMPION.  We want to develop programmes that are “people-led” – your good ideas.  Newhaven is your community.   I look forward to seeing you soon to discuss it.  

Rodney Matthews (Vision Facilitator)




What Can I Do?

1.   Have a handful of copies of the registration form (download and pen handy

2.   Knock on the door of your next door neighbour. Talk to your friends and colleagues and share your enthusiasm.

3.   Have forms handy when meeting friends.

4.   Forward or share the the link http://heartofnewhaven.co.uk/contact.php with your friends, family and on social groups.

5.   Explain that all that is necessary is a name, email address or address and signature.

6.   It cost nothing and the contact is protected by Data Protection Regulations

7.   Ask if they know people (do you?) who might miss out because they are always "the forgotten'. Think hard about that one. It's the people we forget we need to remember.  

8.   Encourage anyone who has a bright idea of what our hearts should include if it is going to be a hub of creative activity. Tell us! Why had no one suggest Newhaven needs public toilets? Add obvious things to the list. What/who else should be included. admin@heartofnewhaven.co.uk 



Pulsating with energy is Victoria Primary School, full of children who in 2020 will move across Lindsay Road to a new site to pursue dreams for the future.

This iconic building is  an invaluable asset to focus the whole community right at its centre: THE HEART OF NEWHAVEN


YOU can be part of a plan for this building to throb with life, the heart pumping the blood back into the COMMUNITY.

What would you like see happen at the Heart of Newhaven? You can help make a dream come true.


Newhaven has a distinct identity.

Its rapidly increasing population and range of activities is crying out for a focal point to express our sense of community life, especially to help those in greatest need of care and well-being.

As soon as Victoria Primary School moves to its new site at Western Harbour in 2020 our community can apply to acquire the site at THE HEART OF NEWHAVEN through Community Asset Transfer – but we must show why we need it.

You can help make a dream come true.

 © 2020 Heart of Newhaven