What’s Going to Happen?”

No, this isn’t the latest Brexit question but one many people asked when they were guided round Victoria Primary School by historically costumed children last Saturday on Doors Open Day.  Grasping the booklet celebrating 30 years of free access to historic buildings across Scotland on a September day, people were invited to view the plans for the new school about to be built between Asda and the David Lloyd Centre.   This year Edinburgh’s oldest primary school celebrated 175 years on this site.   Next year at this time the children will probably be in their final term here.  Then what? 

That’s the question.

Display boards – you can see them on the website – illustrated things that may be possible as this building becomes the beating heart of Newhaven, a vibrant hub of new activity in which everyone will be able to feel it belongs to them and they belong to it.   But this will only happen by our joint efforts.  Which is why everyone not already signed up to our plans so far were invited to do just that to demonstrate support, ownership and ideas.  This dream must be your dream, this space claimed as your space, the activities ones in which you want to be involved.  It is not about “them” and what “they” will do but about “us” and what we plan to do as the Heart of Newhaven

The Next Steps

Your Steering Group has set aside 15th October for a special meeting to consider the final report of Planning Aid Scotland and agree our vision of the way ahead.   The work PAS has done for us as on our website has been funded by grants.   Now we have to decide the way ahead to take account of the input from our Community as expressed so far.  

Once we have assessed this and approval is given to our application for a further grant – this time from the Scottish Land Fund, to whom we will later apply for a major grant to help us purchase Victoria Primary School– we will be ready to engage chosen Business Consultants to help us produce details plans.

But it’s not a matter of “watch this space”.   You continue to have a very important role to fulfil as you share the vision with those in the Community around you.   It is still surprising how many people have no idea at all what is happening.   And since it is happening in the name of everyone in the Community that remains a challenge.   Which is why the next steps always include something that you can do.  

Please continue to help.  

Just imagine…

….in two years time this historic building could be throbbing with the new energy of the Heart of Newhaven and you might be proudly showing people round on Doors Open Day 2021 in answer to that leading question about a historic building with a future.    

Rodney Matthews (Vision Facilitator)


What Can I Do?

1.   Have a handful of copies of the registration form (download from the websiteand pen handy

2.   Knock on the door of your next door neighbour. Talk to your friends and colleagues and share your enthusiasm.

3.   Have forms handy when meeting friends.

4.   Forward or share the the link http://heartofnewhaven.co.uk/contact.php with your friends, family and on social groups.

5.   Explain that all that is necessary is a name, email address or address and signature.

6.   It cost nothing and the contact is protected by Data Protection Regulations

7.   Ask if they know people (do you?) who might miss out because they are always "the forgotten'. Think hard about that one. It's the people we forget we need to remember.  

8.   Encourage anyone who has a bright idea of what our hearts should include if it is going to be a hub of creative activity. Tell us! Why had no one suggest Newhaven needs public toilets? Add obvious things to the list. What/who else should be included. admin@heartofnewhaven.co.uk 



Pulsating with energy is Victoria Primary School, full of children who in 2020 will move across Lindsay Road to a new site to pursue dreams for the future.

This iconic building is  an invaluable asset to focus the whole community right at its centre: THE HEART OF NEWHAVEN


YOU can be part of a plan for this building to throb with life, the heart pumping the blood back into the COMMUNITY.

What would you like see happen at the Heart of Newhaven? You can help make a dream come true.


Newhaven has a distinct identity.

Its rapidly increasing population and range of activities is crying out for a focal point to express our sense of community life, especially to help those in greatest need of care and well-being.

As soon as Victoria Primary School moves to its new site at Western Harbour in 2020 our community can apply to acquire the site at THE HEART OF NEWHAVEN through Community Asset Transfer – but we must show why we need it.

You can help make a dream come true.

 © 2019 Heart of Newhaven