HoN Website Update 04.08.19
No time wasted

As I’ve said before, much can happen in 20 days – and has! In my last update I invited you to take part in a survey to express hopes for the future of Victoria Primary School. Within 14 days 250 of you have responded, some in considerable detail – which is an astonishingly high percentage for any survey in so short a period. Well done! It demonstrates a vital commitment by the Community.
Your responses are invaluable to our ‘bid’, because they show this is not just the idea of a handful of enthusiasts but is actually “….creating a beating heart for our community…” Not just a place on the map which happens to be the centre.

The hub of thriving activity. So this leads directly to the next big event inside the next 20 days – a TASTER DAY right at our heart on Saturday 17th August from 10 to 3 – as you can see from the flyer.

See all the details of timetable and many activities on:


Pass word round immediately to family and friends – even someone on holiday with you that day. Remember the recent Gala Day there? Now see what the future could look like. It will be exciting. Don’t miss it.
We’ll publish our next report on Saturday 24th, one week after this Taster Day.
That’s the first day of the Trinity Gala, another local summer event. This Community buzzes with life. By then we hope to have even more exciting information about our progress.

Tell others what you know already and encourage them to register as you have done as part of the Community, so they too can automatically receive the very latest news hot off the press.
Meanwhile more encouragement to reassure some who may have been a little hesitant about it all.

We’ve just had a creative meeting between representatives of the Heart of Newhaven and Newhaven Heritage, who are about to welcome a new Chairman as Jeff Lister succeeds George Venters. Like other groups, they are sharing in these plans in a way that fosters their own heritage experience and have contributed to the survey being fed into the forthcoming TASTER EVENT: the very place of our heart we are working towards one day making our home.

Rodney Matthews (Vision Facilitator)



Pulsating with energy is Victoria Primary School, full of children who in 2020 will move across Lindsay Road to a new site to pursue dreams for the future.

This iconic building is  an invaluable asset to focus the whole community right at its centre: THE HEART OF NEWHAVEN


YOU can be part of a plan for this building to throb with life, the heart pumping the blood back into the COMMUNITY.

What would you like see happen at the Heart of Newhaven? You can help make a dream come true.


Newhaven has a distinct identity.

Its rapidly increasing population and range of activities is crying out for a focal point to express our sense of community life, especially to help those in greatest need of care and well-being.

As soon as Victoria Primary School moves to its new site at Western Harbour in 2020 our community can apply to acquire the site at THE HEART OF NEWHAVEN through Community Asset Transfer – but we must show why we need it.

You can help make a dream come true.

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