Little Puppets for Your Little Poppets

created by Johnathan Elders


Aimed at ages 3 to 7, or younger if a suitable adult can be found to help out.

A humble sock or glove can become a great puppet. It doesn’t need to be embellished, it just needs to be played with. It can talk, move and allow a child (or adult) to perform without the pressure of attention being on them.

Puppets can be used to stimulate children to have all sorts of adventures and express feelings for which they might need an outlet.

They can act out trips to the seaside, meet friends or let you know that their new puppet friend is feeling sad, happy or maybe they just want to play!

If you're looking for inspiration for your puppet characters, then the fishwives of Newhaven were pretty iconic!

Grown-ups, be reassured that you don’t need to have creative skills to do this, or even have a stash of craft materials. Just grab a sock, an envelope or nearly anything lying around, even draw a face on your hand!

Here are some easy-to-follow examples-

Envelope puppet!

What you will need (not a lot!):

-an envelope!
-something to draw with
-pair of scissors, although if you don’t have these you could even tear the envelope carefully!

Stick Puppet!

What you will need:

- A stick, or some card that you can cut to use as a stick

- Paper or card to draw a figure on

- Something sticky (glue or tape)

Paper Finger Puppet!

What you will need:

- Paper
- Something to draw with
- Pair of scissors
- Either tape, stapler or glue

Now what?

Now you have your puppets, go have fun!

Maybe tell your grown-ups a story, maybe just act out something fun to yourself.

Here aresome top tips if you are looking for ideas:

- Give your puppet a name, age, think about what they like and dislike
- Big adventures are fun, but so are little adventures. Going to the moon might be exciting, but maybe your puppet would just like to do some shopping or meet a new friend?
- Puppets like company, introduce them to your toys and you can involve your toys in your story telling

I don’t like drawing people!

Drawing people can be tricky, but even stick people or a face is more than enough!

But if you would rather be colouring in or playing with your puppet, then here are some pictures you could print or copy:

If that still seems a bit much, then you can use pictures from magazines, or even just go for our old friend the sock puppet!

Have fun!

Created by Johnathan Elders, artist and project manager @

Also with help from Dora! Artist and professional 6 year old.

© Copyright The Heart of Newhaven 2020