Learning and Enterprise

Welcome to the first of HoN’s partnership productions.

HoN is committed to working together in partnership with local groups.

This one has been produced by Charlie from the Men of Leith’s Shed. 

We hope it will whet your appetite for more to come, as we try to share some traditional, and maybe even non-traditional skills with everyone. 

We believe that working together we can produce more than the “sum of the parts” and although it is a challenge to work together virtually, we are all learning as we go. Older and younger people have much to learn from each other!

We hope that everyone will enjoy watching and learning how to “make things” and we would love to see photos when you’ve finished and whether it was a present, who for and what they thought of it!

We would appreciate your feedback and comments, should you wish and if you have any ideas for more, or perhaps can offer a similar type of video, please get in touch with us at admin@heartofnewhaven.co.uk


Looking for another fun craft - Partner Johnathan Elders,  artist and project manager @ www.thelasergarden.com

Also with help from Dora! Artist and professional 6 year old.

Go to 'Puppet Craft' for Full instructions and don't forget to send us photographs to share with the community. 

Beautiful Night Photographs by Lewis Bergen April 2020  

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Essential, by Scotland's Makar Jackie Kay

Up, doon, the length of our land -

Aberfeldy, Ardnamurchan -

There's uplift, sharing; pass the baton!

A frontline forming, hand to fierce hand.

Shopfront workers, doon the aisle;

New-era queues metres apart.

The chemist's prescription warms the heart.

Delivery folk vanish, ghost a smile.

Volunteers at the local food bank…

Shy half-moon in a clear Scots' sky.

We leave with tins, groceries, goodbyes…

Clap in the gloaming when we say our Thanks.

And the sky greets with stars

And the bold birds sing

As we clink in our links in the Kindness line;

Holding absent hands for Auld Lang Syne.


© Copyright The Heart of Newhaven 2020