The first batch of devices have been dropped off at People Know How and once they have worked their magic they will be back with the school supporting the children's digital schooling!

A Huge Thank You to all who have donated!  If anyone else can we would love to re use your old tech!

Digital resources appeal

Home learning can be an issue for those who do not have access to technology, especially during the unprecedented times we are all living through.

Can you help make significant change in your community?

If you have a laptop, mobile, tablet or any other device that could help us in our mission to help people, we would love to hear from you!

Many local schools are struggling to support families with home learning.

Children within our community are the future and our hope. They are our next generation of doctors, teachers, politicians, engineers, and retail workers. We want to nurture this to help combat the effects of Coronavirus and beyond.

Victoria Primary School would be grateful for 10 additional devices to help tackle these issues and to make sure those in disadvantaged situations are not punished long-term for a situation that is not their fault.

We will arrange safe collection of devices and have them cleaned and refurbished if necessary. After which, the school will distribute accordingly.

As you will already understand, due to the current situation, we need to act as soon as possible.

If you can assist.

We wholeheartedly appreciate any help you can provide at this time.

Digital Donation