Would you like to join in as the Newhaven community sings that very Scottish, and indeed worldwide favourite, Auld Lang Syne together?


The Heart of Newhaven Community is working alongside individuals from the Praise Band, Newhaven Church, individual pupils and their families from Victoria and Trinity Primary Schools as well as individual members of Newhaven Community Choir, to encourage everyone to take part. 

Singing has been proved to induce a sense of well-being and singing together encourages social bonding.

You know you’re part of a wider community.

You don’t even have to live in Newhaven. 

We may not be mixing much in person at the moment, but we can still lift our voices together in song. Let’s spread a feeling of hope and unity by combining our voices in the run-up to what may well be a very different Christmas from that we’re used to. By each contributing our own recording (all steps explained) we can come together virtually and show the world if need be, how united we are.

“As someone who had never really heard myself sing before I found the experience not only fascinating at what technology can do but very unifying and uplifting,”

says one participant who has not only done this sort of thing before, but can’t wait to join in with this one.

❤️🎤🎧🎼🎹 ❤️

Follow the simple steps to listen to the piano backing track, melody and harmony, and record your own version to whichever version you prefer.

Upload and then wait until it is all fused together for everyone to enjoy.

There will be a lot of technical work to be done, but we expect it to be ready by the 23rd December: just in time for Christmas cheer.