April 2020

The Heart is still Beating 


The last news announced the great news that the Council had validated our application for the acquisition of Victoria Primary School by a process known as Capital Asset Transfer.

What a long time ago that seems! It was all systems go……and then everything ground to a halt. You may have thought the heart had stopped beating. 

Behind the scenes however, the Steering Group has been busy, meeting online, working on various projects, doing what it can to provide support for the wider Newhaven community and pursue our aims of inter-generational cooperation and learning.

Despite the crisis, despite lockdown, the Heart of Newhaven is beating –  in some ways beating faster, as happens for survival in a crisis.   We are asking what things are most important in the current situation but still looking ahead to beyond the lockdown, when everything goes back to normal. 

Remember our three themes:

check out our Web Pages: 

Culture & Heritage       Learning & Enterprise     Well-being in the Community

New information is posted continuously so it is worth looking each day to see what’s new.  

And here’s something interesting: as we have been looking for ways to offer support and counter social isolation, we have developed ideas that could easily come under the heading of all three themes. 

Take a look at Well-being in the Community. There you’ll find information on local services to help in the crisis, a helpline to call if you feel lonely and loads of ideas and links that we hope will ease the burden and give you ideas of things to do.

Talking of things to do, head to the Culture & Heritage page if you’re getting bored. There are several projects you can get your teeth into and they can be carried out by adults and children alike. Many of them will contribute to a great exhibition once things are back to normal. That’s called planning ahead!

Meanwhile, Learning & Enterprise has a link to loads of science ideas for the kids to do around the house. No matter what your interests, we have ideas for you to while away a few hours while you’re stuck at home.

Remember though, that this is your community, whether you live in Newhaven or Trinity or Leith: the Heart of Newhaven area includes conservation areas and parks, high rises and Victorian tenements. Just look at the map on the website. This is your community and you can contribute to its wellbeing, to its heritage and culture, so get in touch with us. Take part in the projects and send them in to us when you’ve completed them.

If you have more ideas, get in touch with us at admin@heartofnewhaven.co.uk We’d love to include more ideas from you, whether it’s a new project you’d like to help with or a way of helping your neighbours in the current lockdown. And talking of neighbours, pass this news on to yours. Tell them to check out our website so that they can hear all about what’s going on and what we are doing.

 March 2020 

Victoria Primary School has been saved for the community,

at least temporarily but hopefully for good! 

The proposal (the crucial Stage Two Community Asset Transfer Application) sent in by the Heart of Newhaven Steering Group has been validated and posted on the Council's public website.

This means our bid has been legally recognised and now takes priority over all others.

There will probably be further negotiation with the Council, but it means that until our application, which includes a fully sustainable business plan based on what you, the community have said you want, has been fully assessed - which will take several months - the Council cannot consider any other application for the whole or even part of the site, submitted by any other business or organisation.  

So it certainly won't become flats or anything else until the proposals are fully examined, complete with an appeal process to the Scottish Parliament if necessary.

Keep checking the HoN website for more details as they emerge and pass on the good news to all your friends and neighbours.  

We’re one very important step closer to making The Heart of Newhaven a functioning reality for the whole community.

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