Back by popular demand – a 20 day Update!

The Update timing was originally part of a 20/20 vision when we hoped Victoria Primary School would become the Heart of Newhaven Community in the summer of 2020.

Dates may have changed but the Vision has not.

Work on the new school has resumed.

Work to acquire the Victoria Primary School site in its entirety for the benefit of the whole, wider community has not stopped.

That’s what the Newhaven Community SCIO is all about.

The Heart of Newhaven Community SCIO SC049919

Its purposes are to benefit the Community of Newhaven and surroundings with the following objects:

4.1 the advancement of education and social welfare principally within the Community;

4.2 the provision of recreational facilities principally within the Community;

4.3 the advancement of arts, heritage, culture and citizenship, principally within the Community

4.4 to promote, establish, operate and/or support any other charitable projects or initiatives for the benefit of the Community; and

4.5 to foster a community spirit for the achievement of these aims and other similar aims as may by law be deemed charitable, but only to the extent that the above purposes are consistent with sustainable development.

Yesterday your Steering Group took further steps along this road, as we prepare for further engagement with the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) and with the Scottish Land Fund (SLF) for major funding to help our project. We have to show we can meet two major requirements:

1 Our Business Plan is still viable.

2 We have the full support of the Community as stated in our purposes.

Look at two sides of a coin: on one side, the amount. This coin needs to be sufficient to buy what we need.

That’s the Business Plan. 

But to be valid the coin must show the sovereign’s head.

Whose currency is this and will it be accepted?

Make sure your community have their say and get involved.

You are helping to show this project is yours, the Community’s.

Please nudge your neighbours, friends, colleagues, fellow parents or co-workers to sign up as you have done.

Numbers really matter. (share this link please)

More information on this website  as usual – but notice how it is beginning to change as we move forward. Check out the Young Hearts

In 20 days time I’ll give you another progress report towards realising our vision to foster a community spirit.

Rodney Matthews Vision Facilitator

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