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is a business interest partner with The Heart of Newhaven Community.

I'm Lorna Brown, a textile designer and artist based in Newhaven with an established print brand, Blessed Unrest.

With over 25 years experience as a freelance designer and educator I’m looking forward to establishing INK on MESH, a community print space that offers classes, courses and tuition in screen printing and stitched textiles.

Post - pandemic INK on MESH will become a space that promotes and encourages creative expression, community connections, confidence building and wellbeing through hand craft and heritage skills education.

I can continue to develop my own textiles brand, Blessed Unrest and also provide affordable space and specialised equipment for developing, emerging and graduate practitioners.

INK on MESH aims to become an inclusive, welcoming space for all, where the community can meet, learn, explore and connect through the craft of screen printing and stitched textiles.

Free access spaces will be offered each term with the intention of making these valued craft skills accessible to all with barriers to creative education.

INK on MESH will provide a learning environment within HoNC that nurtures creativity in people at all ages, stages and abilities by providing affordable:

Studio and social space

Education and training programme – beginners to advanced 

Access to specialized equipment/tools and materials

Events, talks and demonstrations

Free educational resources

Internship and membership opportunities


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Visit and shop at www.blessedunrest.co.uk

E: blessedunrest@hotmail.com

T: 07753325103


We see the “Heart of Newhaven” providing a valuable range of additional services our Community Link Workers could introduce people to.  We very much look forward to working with you in the future”.

Anne Crandles

Social Prescribing/Community Link Worker Network Manager

Edinburgh Health & Social Care Partnership

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Pilmeny Development Project (PDP)

A community based voluntary organisation which has been working in Leith and Newhaven areas since 1979.The main emphasis of has been to work primarily with young and old and PDP have extensive experience of Intergenerational Work and support a wide variety of local groups and organisations in the area including the Citadel Youth Centre which is in the HoN defined area.

‘We are particularly keen to support and work in partnership with Heart of Newhaven to develop the Intergenerational potential of this work. ‘

The Citadel Youth Centre

The Citadel has provided community-based youth work in Leith since 1980. We are an experienced voluntary organisation with strong links to local people and local partners. Our flexible, community-based approach provides all kinds of young people with learning, leisure, friendship and access to adults who care and who can do something to help whenever it is needed. Our open access youth clubs, projects and individual support are all designed to meet the needs of the young people in our area as they see them – we work closely with parents, schools and other services to understand their needs too.

If you’d like to find out more about us please click the banner to the left or check out out Facebook 

'Citadel feels that the proposal to create a ‘community hub’ in Newhaven is an exciting one and one we would like to be involved in .

We would very much like to explore delivering some of the intergenerational activities in the building, in particular our Old’s Cool Programme, as we currently target older members of the community coming together with high school students at Trinity Academy. We envisage other opportunities to work in partnership with HoN as time moves on'

Men’s Shed Men of Leith Men’s Shed

Established in 2016 currently have over 25 active members attending 2 half day sessions with a regular attendance of around 10/12 members to each session and another 8 men who attend our music group. We have also built leadership capacity within the shed with 7 men taking on leadership roles. We are in the process of putting together a programme of music related activities, many of which will be open to the general community.

‘We would welcome the opportunity to join with Heart Of Newhaven in this exciting project as a way forward for us to become part of a wider community, share our skills and knowledge, offer our facilities to a larger group of people and to develop our target (dream) of a sustainable and authentic Men’s Shed


*offers opportunities for men in the Leith and surrounding area to meet and undertake creative, physical, purposeful and recreational activities of their choice.

*offers meaningful opportunities for men and the wider community to choose to engage in.

*reduces social isolation of men in the area, contributing to their physical and mental wellbeing.

*allows men to learn new skills and develop existing skills while sharing their knowledge with others in the community.

*is sustainable and supported by good governance and strategy.

Forth Children’s Theatre (FCT)

Has over 100 members and volunteers in a charity-run, free to use, youth theatre that has been going for 42 years based for many of these in the Trinity Academicals annexe at Craighall Gardens. This has now been cited for demolition and FCT have had to move to compromised premises at Madelvic House in Granton.

 ‘The use of the school would be a lifeline for our organisation and the ability for us to share resources with many other local groups would be mutually beneficial.We see this as an exciting cross-generational community opportunity to really inspire the Newhaven village and its many community groups of which we are one. We are strong advocates of this initiative and welcome this next phase of its development.’

The CruiseForth Project

Is pleased to work with Heart of Newhaven in building the strength and engagement of local businesses, organisations and associations. CruiseForth provides the interface with the passengers and crew from arriving cruise ships at Newhaven (and at nearby Leith). In 2020, 45 Cruise ships over 60,000 passengers and crew will arrive in Newhaven Harbour. ‘The development of the Heart of Newhaven is a much needed local partner for the CruiseForth Welcome Volunteers to work with, to ensure that knowledge of local opportunity is

shared to the increasing number of visitors. In recent years there has been some success in promoting local walks, inviting the contribution from a Community Choir, and in promoting Doors Open Day at Newhaven Primary School. It is to be hoped that an even stronger Heart of Newhaven project can expand the opportunities for collaboration.’

Coburg House Art Studios

Has been established for over 20 years providing studios for the artistic community with 53 studios over four floors and an artist shop and gallery with 80 artists in the building ranging from graphic designers, web designers, a weaving school, painters and jewellers. The building is now full and has a large waiting list

‘We have been very impressed with the professionalism and dedication of Heart of Newhaven and would like to participate in their project at Victoria School. We have visited the site and given presentations to the community gatherings and we could see a part of the building being used for studios. This would require very little building work and could be achieved very quickly and would help to cement a loyal and dedicated group into Victoria school as part of your overall goal to achieve the reuse of this fantastic building as a community hub.’

Trinity Community Council

‘are fully supportive of the intentions of Heart of Newhaven to acquire and subsequently utilise the Building in the ways that have been proposed.

Museums Galleries Scotland

Is the national development body for Scotland’s museums and galleries. We support more than 400 museums and galleries, whether it’s through strategic investment, advice, advocacy, skills development or other means. We support community and other groups, who are interested in setting up a museum, to ensure that this end goal is the most appropriate for them, and that, if so, they are best equipped for creating a sustainable and affective museum. It is in this capacity that MGS has been working with the Heart of Newhaven group.

North West locality Lifelong Learning and Development

Staff have already been involved in some of the preliminary discussions and consultation work around the Heart of Newhaven project. I am satisfied that the aims of the project meet the needs of the local community and the Locality Improvement Plan and we would be happy to work in partnership as the project develops.

Generations Working Together (GWT)

The nationally recognised centre of excellence supporting the development and integration of intergenerational practice across Scotland. Our Vision is to live in a Scotland where different generations are more connected, and everyone has the opportunity to build relationships that help to create a fairer society.

We would be delighted to support your centre to incorporate opportunities and elements for intergenerational practice to be created within the building and within projects. We would be willing to work alongside your team and provide support and training via our local network meetings, training courses and events.

Although intergenerational work is on the increase across Scotland some of the work is not truly intergenerational. We would be happy to support your team (with expenses covered) to provide opportunities to host structured training and support to individuals, practitioners and groups who will be involved in this new building ensuring good practice and effective monitoring and evaluation of intergenerational work.

Newhaven Community Choir

I would like to offer my support to the proposed Heart Of Newhaven project to acquire the Victoria Primary School site. As co-founder and Chair of Newhaven Community choir I can vouch for the fact that we are in great need of a venue like the one described in the vision of the Heart Of Newhaven. For many years we were based at the School which was an ideal venue for us particularly because of it’s location both physically and culturally as being at the heart of the community. Given that the purpose of our Choir is in part to carry on the incredibly long and rich heritage of community singing in Newhaven we feel it is very important for us to be able to be based at a suitable venue that reflects this. We align closely with the 3 key themes of HoN; Culture and Heritage, Learning & Enterprise and Wellbeing. One of the benefits of the choir is that people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds are able to participate. We have a pool of over

100 participants who range in age from 7 to 92. We regularly perform in community settings such as the school, community events, historical/ heritage events and old people’s homes. We believe that participation in group singing and performances is very important for the wellbeing of many of the participants in the choir, this is in line with well established research in this area. Clearly singing is also a skill that needs to be developed, other skills and learning we have worked on are songwriting and instrumental work. In terms of enterprise, we always seek to employ young leaders for the choir who are relatively new to developing a career in community arts. We also look for opportunities to support well established leaders of cultural heritage such as Hamish Moore, Scott Gardner and Mairi Campbell. We feel that the establishment of a proper community centre in Newhaven would enable us to grow our membership, community engagement and learning opportunities even further and secure them for the future.

Jed Milroy

The History of Education Centre

Has been providing a valuable and engaging service for over 30 years are always in the Top Ten places to visit on Doors Open Day each September when classes are run throughout the day.

 ‘To be based in what is currently the oldest working primary school in Edinburgh would clearly add authenticity to our visitors’ experience. We have also collected a huge number of historical and educational artefacts from various school closures as well as donations from the general public, most of which are currently in storage because of lack of space, which we would be able to display in temporary and permanent exhibitions. Working alongside other heritage groups in Victoria Primary we could provide a valuable centre for culture, heritage and learning. We could therefore provide the Heart of Newhaven initiative with a permanent heritage hub which has a proven track record of reaching all ages over a wide geographical area of East Central Scotland and would bring regular footfall to the centre.’ 28th January, 2020 Alice Bacciarelli Chair - History of Education Centre

The Ageing Well Project

Run by Edinburgh Leisure in partnership with NHS Lothian, delivers a range of city-wide activities which support people to become, and remain, active in later life. The emphasis is on meeting new people and making physical activity accessible and enjoyable.

All our activities are subsidised with voluntary contributions starting from as little as £1. Each activity is followed by refreshments and time for that all-important chat and a cuppa, which is often the most valuable part of our sessions!

We are passionate about physical activity; we see the positive impact physical activity has on individuals’ and communities’ physical, mental and social health and well-being and we believe working with partners at the Heart of Newhaven will not only increase the connectivity of older adults in the community but also children and those new to the area. Partnership working with third sector organisations is key for us to the ongoing development and maintenance of communities, such as Newhaven in Edinburgh. We believe that physical activity (and other activities) should be accessible to all - no matter where you live, what your background is or

what your personal story may be. We know that there are individuals within our city who require additional support and/or care, but being able to access a community facility within the area, where many of them grew up, will make that task less daunting than it would normally be. The vision that Heart of Newhaven has is an inspiring one, and something that we want to be involved in.

The benefits of a thriving hub in this iconic building in this area would be priceless

Ryan Dignan Health Development Officer (Older Adults) ryandignan@edinburghleisure.co.uk www.edinburghleisure.co.uk Direct: 0131 458 2158 Mobile: 07912 78499

The Edinburgh Shoreline Project

Aims to raise awareness of the city’s coast, its rich history and biodiversity and current threats and opportunities and to offer opportunities for a wide range of public engagement. The project is run by Edinburgh Botanic Garden Edinburgh as part of their commitment to Edinburgh `Living `Landscape. Having organised a series of events and a major exhibition at RBGE when the Newhaven choir performed at the JohnHope Gateway we have reached thousands of Edinburgh residents and visitors to the city. The focus now is on practical delivery of habitat creation and enhancement working with communities along the Shoreline andnworking in partnership with City of Edinburgh Council in creating 8 Meadows at Gypsy Brae , biodiversity sea defence installations and beach clean ups all funded by Scottish Natural Heritage. We have been working with Heart of Newhaven and Newhaven residents since the early stages of our project and have undertaken a very successful collaboration with them identifying potential areas for enhancement around the Newhaven coastline. As local residents liaised with the David Lloyd Centre who owned an area of amenity grassland by the breakwater and we worked with the local secondary school - Trinity Academy - to plant up this area with a whole range of native shrubs and wildflowers to create an important coastal scrub habitat. We are continuing to work in collaboration with Heart of Newhaven and will be undertaking more planting and signage in the coming weeks with local primary children coming along to plant trees and to contribute artwork for the site signs. We certainly envisage working closely together into the future.

The Intergenerational National Network

Together with the Universities of Dundee, Heriot-Watt and Stirling, is about to embark on a research project funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute, entitled, ‘Co-creating transnational opportunities for intergenerational place-making: Towards developing an age-friendly and intergenerational community ecosystem’. Over the next six months, we will explore how, together, we can co-create places and spaces which are supportive of people of any generation.

We are very interested in the Heart of Newhaven’s plan to acquire the old Victoria Primary School through asset transfer, in order to create a multigenerational centre, and look forward to working closely with Heart of Newhaven as the next stage of the research develops.

Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council

We are confirming our desire and capacity to continue working in partnership with and providing representation on The Heart of Newhaven Steering group. We continue to promote and follow

progress through our publishing of updates and advertising events on our website and social media accounts Scottish Government, NHS Lothian and Police Scotland.

Leith Rotary 

Has entered into a partnership with Heart of Newhaven with a view to producing a user friendly guide, via a phone app, showing what is available in the community. The app is a welcome partnership opportunity to raise awareness of what the community has to offer both to visitors and residents.

In addition, Leith Rotary supports Heart of Newhaven's aim to acquire Victoria Primary School on behalf of the community to deliver its 3 themes of culture and heritage, learning and enterprise and well-being. Leith Rotary is part of the worldwide Rotary organisation.

We have been active in Leith for many years and one of our key aims is to provide funding and / or support for those in our community who are ‘needy’. Our endeavours are not focussed upon any specific race / sexual / ability group but rather anyone in our community who is deserving of and needs support.

Newhaven Church

A Church of Scotland parish church in Newhaven, Edinburgh. Victoria Primary School is in the middle of its parish and the Church has links with the primary school, including leading extra-curricular groups and helping to lead Religious Observances. In addition to normal worship services, the Church runs many activities based in its own premises on Craighall Road, Newhaven, that are focussed on community service and involvement. These include: a community café run by Church staff and volunteers that is open three days each week (this has been running for 13 years); a weekly toddler group run by Church volunteers (this has been running for 12 years); a weekly social group for the elderly (this has been running for 20 years); and a Boys' Brigade section run by Church volunteers (this has been running for many, many decades).

As well as such activities that are run by the Church itself, its premises are used on a weekly basis by other groups such as a Pilates class, music group for toddlers, dance and computer classes for elderly people, a knit and natter group, Guides and Brownies.

Newhaven Church's mission statement is "to serve Christ, each other and the community". As such, the community of Newhaven is central to Newhaven Church's mission and is pleased to support the Heart of Newhaven Community and its aim to undertake a Community Asset Transfer of Victoria Primary School. The Church has a representative on the Steering Group of the Heart of Newhaven Community and is keen to explore over the coming period how it can help with the development of community activities at Victoria Primary School following the Community Asset Transfer.

Daddy Daycare Edinburgh

Daddy Daycare Edinburgh was created in 2014 by Alan Balfour, a family man raised in Edinburgh who started childminding as a way to spend more time with his daughter who was three at the time. Six years later he has grown the company from a childminding service providing care for six children to a company with three after school clubs, supporting five schools and looking after over 130 children a day. Daddy Daycare currently employs 18 staff, provides apprenticeships for school leavers and training opportunities for all ages. It has been supporting Wardie, Trinity and Victoria Primary since 2015 when the first club was opened so has a very positive and strong reputation within the Newhaven community. Every service Daddy Daycare has opened has received a 5 star rating from the Care Inspectorate which is the highest rating a new service can be awarded.

Current care provision in Newhaven

Newhaven has been growing at an exponential rate, with hundreds more houses planned over the next five years, many of these units housing families. The Council is already expanding provision for primary school education by moving Victoria Primary to a larger site: however there is a significant shortage of after school care and care for children not yet attending school across the catchment area of Heart of Newhaven. With the Scottish Government increasing the number of free childcare hours a family is entitled to, the lack of provision will really start to impact local families forcing them to travel far out of Newhaven to find a service with spaces.

Our Partnership Proposal

We understand that a service specification for an early years service will be drawn up by Heart of Newhaven. Daddy Daycare believes it can provide a solution that will help expand the provision of pre school care in the area, bring generations together within the community and provide financial support to the Heart of Newhaven to help fund the community services it has planned. Daddy Daycare would propose hiring the Anchor Building on the current Victoria Primary site from Heart of Newhaven on a commercial lease. We will then register a service that will provide care for children aged 3+ and make the necessary adjustments to the anchor building which will allow us to open. The size of the building should allow us to provide care for around 75 children a day, the majority of these children would be aged between 3-5yrs old. It would be our intention to make this service the first pre school nursery that brings generations together by offering intergenerational care. Intergenerational care has great benefits for reducing depression and isolation in the older generation, It can also help with greater mobility and physical skills. For the children it helps them develop empathy and their language and communication skills.