A View from the Chair

News from our Chair and Vision Facilitator Rodney Matthews 

It looks promising but when will it be ready? 

Anyone’s guess. 

The children of Victoria Primary School should have moved in last August. 

Like us, they are still waiting.    

Except that they are not just waiting.  

Covid 19 has not stopped them being what they are and doing what they do, getting on with school where they are now.   

In my last Update I emphasised what we are doing NOW, promising to share details as we get on with being what we are and doing what we do.  We are organising lots of exciting activities to help meet the challenge of living with the effects of the pandemic no one envisaged would have such a profound effect on everyone.  

Our ❤️ is beating steadily and we want to make sure you benefit from the energy pumping. 

We are working with organisations we call our PARTNERS and local businesses and enterprises we call STAKEHOLDERS all sharing our vision of the Heart of Newhaven Community we launched nearly two years ago.  

Of course we all want to move into the place that has become our icon; but everyone can see the reason for the delay. ❤️

The Scottish Land Fund to which we have applied for a major grant to help us, is to consider in more detail our Stage Two Application next year when we are closer to removal date.  Because they exist to make awards for what we have set out to do they are continuing to fund our preparation to make an even stronger case by allowing us to include all the things we are developing now to build on the reason the City of Edinburgh Council has approved our plans and also continues to help us ‘for the benefit of the Community’.

All of which means we have a golden opportunity to demonstrate what we already are by doing what we can do now.       

No need to wait.             

Here’s an example.                      

Picture this. ❤️

Hallowe’en.  My doorbell rings.  Trick or treat?  I open it to find on my doormat Frank Manclark’s Early Morning Newhaven and a retreating pumpkin costumed Young Heart (and her dog dressed to match!)  

More treat than trick.  It turned out that at Leith Market that morning P7 had been selling things they had made to raise money for a camping trip.  On another stall she spotted this and bought it for me knowing my vision because “I thought you would like it!”  But the story isn’t over. I want to get it framed for my study.   Who would like to do that for me at the going rate?  You or perhaps someone you know?     Tell me.   

In fact whatever it costs I will pledge the same amount again to help Heart of Newhaven Community funds because it’s a very good cause.

Do you see what it’s all about?   

Culture & Heritage     

Learning & Enterprise   

and definitely  

Well-being in the Community.     

And it’s intergenerational activity.   All coming from thought and generosity.

So do join us in 

Newhaven Neighbours 

For this campaign we have already teamed up with like-minded organisations who care about the heart of our community, young and old,  and by working together we can help others, increase well-being in the community, especially in the run-up to what seems as if it might be a very different Christmas. 

Help us keep the heart of the community beating stronger despite all the blips. 

Help us make this a better Christmas for everyone. 

Go to our volunteer page on the website and sign up to become a Newhaven Neighbour. 

You can read all about it here.

 Rodney Matthews

Vision Facilitator