HoN Website update 04.06.19 

It’s all happening now!

This website has expanded to take account of the increasing news regarding lots of exciting activity that demonstrates life at The Heart of Newhaven. In my last report I pointed to forthcoming events that would illustrateCulture and Heritage,Learning and Enterpriseand Community Wellbeing. Now take a look at our photo gallery to see what has happened recently.

On two occasions teams of planters have started regreening the coastal area behind the David Lloyd centre in a long term enterprise that will encourage nature in our environment. Several walks have already been held to learn about how Newhaven has developed – “I learned about the Society of the Free Fishermen and enjoyed seeing bits of my street I hadn’t noticed before,” reported 8 year old Tilda Souter. And on a festive day on 1st  June the whole site of Victoria Primary School was abuzz with the kind of well-being intergenerational activity that shows what opportunities we have and how good it is when we come together as a community.

My invitation to those who approached our stand identified by our banner was simple: “If you want this kind of thing to continue to happen after the children move to their new site across at Western Harbour – reclaimed from the sea remember to expand Newhaven – then sign up!” And many people did exactly that on the spot. Check this page on my next account in 20 days time, just after another formative meeting of your Steering Group on 24th June and I’ll report how many people have now declared:

“This bid to acquire VPS by Community Asset Transfer is in OUR NAME. We are The Heart of Newhaven and we believe this belongs to US.”

A huge amount of work is being undertaken by the group working on your behalf. Already we have secured some important funding which will help us build our case to put to Edinburgh City Council next year. More organisations are being added to those who support this enterprise, as you can see. We are about to appoint professional people, experts in their field, to help shape our bid and I will report on that shortly. But a vital (that means “living”) part of the process is to demonstrate by the kind of activities illustrated that The Heart of Newhaven is beating, just as our banner says.

So keep a look out on this website regularly updated for the next date on which there is something that might appeal to you and come along as invited. And – even better – if you have an idea that you think could be explored about a group or a club or a budding enterprise looking for a home then let us know. Just get in touch with admin@heartofnewhaven.co.ukand we’ll add that into the profile in an appropriate way. Let it be your vision for the future– what could happen in 2020 and beyond – that prompts us to focus on what we need to do now to prepare the ground. I’ll do the rest because that’s my job as you can see.

Rodney Matthews (Vision Facilitator)

HoN Website update 15.05.19 

We are growing The Heart of Newhaven Steering Committee have just had their 3rd meeting and things are beginning to happen.

At every important event in Newhaven you will now see this banner.

Here are some things to get involved in:

Our Environment - Join a team of planters around the Brewers Fayre area on Monday 20th May from 10am to 1pm “regreening the environment”. Bring gardening gloves and any tools you have – or just suitable clothes to get stuck in. lucymetcalfe@msn.com for more details.

Our History Also on Monday 20th at 2pm learn more about Newhaven by joining Mary Kemp Clarke on a free guided walk. Meet at the Habour – to be repeated so watch this space

Our Gala Newhaven’s big day– in which our children inspire us is on Saturday 1st June from 1.30pm with a procession from the Harbour to Victoria School and a fun packed afternoon. Why “Our”? Because all these events, as well as a growing number of organisations active with various interests in Culture and Heritage, Learning and Enterprise and Community Wellbeing all belong to us, which means you too if you are interested in showing that Newhaven is full of life.

The Heart of Newhaven is our umbrella organisation gathering all these things together in a focus on Victoria Primary School. The more we can show we are together in all these things the stronger will be the case we are building up to make sure VPS becomes The Heart of Newhaven Community when the children move into a future across the road into their new premises in Western Harbour in 2020.

We have started to obtain grants to help towards funding this but to get any assistance we have to say “Why?” and “Who?”. If you think we all have a right to this then you need to say so very loudly and clearly by becoming a member of The Heart of Newhaven Community. It’s very important and very, very easy – and costs nothing more than a few minutes. I’m told you can do it on your phone just like that. Or if you’re old fashioned like me, then find me at one of these events and I’ll give you a form and a pen! We already have over 200 members and we’d like to make it 2000 – or even 2020 before 2020.

Rodney Matthews (Vision Facilitator)


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