The Trams by Harriet Walpole (Age 8,P4 VPS)

Did you know that the trams are coming to Newhaven?

Well I did!

The trams are coming, as you may notice there are some roads blocked off for it.

Sometimes, things look weird but there is nothing to worry about [unless you have a good reason to be worried of coarse]

They will take 1 year and a half to be made but they may take longer because of the coronavirus.

Lindsey road is half closed and they have changed the pavement near victoria primary school to a cycle/ pedestrian route.

Hopefully, people will be more aware of cyclists now.

Because of the trams, buses are going by ASDA and round ocean terminal. There is a new temporary bus stop next to ASDA.

Another bus stop has been taken away on one of the closed roads on the right.

We all hope thse trams will go well because they hve spent lots of time on them.

Fortunately, I think the plan is pretty much working out so far.

Photos of the Trams to Newhaven by Harriet Walpole (VPS) 

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