So Far at the Events we have asked the community what they want:

At the Open meeting in October 2018 you said:

Culture and heritage ‘our identity’ was important and this meant:

Bookable venue space

Spaces for groups to meet

Intergenerational space

Live entertainment events


Victorian classroom

Learning and enterprise ‘opportunites for all’ was vital

Affordable crèche

After school club

Taster courses in conjunction with colleges

Life Skills courses

Jobs Fair

Affordable informal activity and learning opportunities for all ages

Co-working spaces, workshops and studios

Community wellbeing - activities and services to support our physical and mental well being was essential

More opportunities to socialise

Support measures are in place to care for the range of mental health issues that exist

Establish a programme of inter-generational activity

Promote the wide-range of opportunities for people to engage in activities enhancing physical

and mental wellbeing such as friends of parks groups, community gardeners, walking groups,

and community cafes/hubs

‘Intergenerational’ ‘ opportunities for all ages’, ‘intergenerational activity’ runs across all our themes

At the open meeting in January 2019 you confirmed support for the themes and gave us more detail:

Culture and heritage

Belonging community, Newhaven village,song/work,Fishing community and history

Wee museum’ social enterprise fisher folk

Museum,History & education,Museum room for tour groups

Connection with the sea


Victorian School Room- every day

Community choir, resonating with Fishwife choir

Link into wider cultural and heritage events across city eg Christmas windows

Learning and Enterprise

Art and music,Creative workshops

Digital access,Computer courses for adults, access to computers and printers, no evening classes in Trinity, nearest is Leith Academy - miles away

Child care supported activities

Boat building and maintenance for coastal rowers to teach young people

Knot tying and navigation

Mums and tots, knit and natter, learn to sew, knit, recycle clothes, furniture,

Farmers market,car boot sale

Health and well being workshops, advice, Credit Union,banking

Dancing, salsa bollywood, belly dancing,‘The welcoming’, music gathering,Start up business units,Small business courses

Cooking -addressing food poverty,Learning basic skills in food budgeting and prep

Range of training courses - link to Ed College

Micro brewery/gin set up

Tool library, skills exchange, odd jobs exchange

Training on ecology of the Forth, environment awareness

Advocacy training

Language training

Old people’s teas and whist drives

Emphasise the employment opportunities for disadvantaged people

Community well being

Film club, jazzclub, intergen,space, cafe, workshops,local crafts, upcycling

Community cafe- work opportunities, cooking classes, money making

Cafe, meeting place for old people, soup and scone days

Base for info on health and facilitation for well being,Men’s sheds Leith

External climbing wall

Groups for gardening, loneliness, befriending

Reclaiming the sea, rebuilding Newhaven

Ships figurehead for new school

Socialising,An evening out locally, local meetings

Exercise, walking, yoga etc cheaper than David Lloyd

If new to area, would like to find local groups to help to get to know people

Story telling sessions for mental health, reminiscence

Green space

Health support groups, drug treatment in the community,Disabled groups

Soft play for youngsters

Drama group, community ceilidhWedding venue,Photog group,Literary soc



Dog training, mobile vet services for homeless

Cycle training

Youth groups, cubs, scouts army cadets

Better info and support for new arrivals from countries

We asked who would such activities be for?

You said

For everyone, all ages, mixed groups , 7 days a week, all ethnicities’

Could we create a multi -generational Centre?

Multi-Generational Centres are places which promote a sense of community by offering room for everyone to come together from young to elderly.

Through opportunities for joint activities multi generations can help each other, learn from each other and spend time together

The interaction between generations promotes the development of everyday skills and knowledge, improves social integration and strengthens social cohesion – outside of family setting

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