Rodney Matthews - Vision Facilitator (Chairperson) chair@heartofnewhaven.co.uk 

Mhairi Scott - Project Administrator (Secretary)  admin@heartofnewhaven.co.uk 

Steve Rooney - Funding Enabler (Treasurer) 

STEERING GROUP ( Job Titles and Membersare subject to change)

Judith Crabb - Task Co-ordinator    

David Scott - Communications Strategist   

Joan Davidson - Community Engager    

Anna Stirling-Aird - Administrative Officer   

Roger Walpole - Website Manager    

Jennifer Malborough  - Liaison Officer    

Colin Mackneill  - Religious and Cultural Link  

Christine McDerment - Historical Interpreter

Lynne Porteous - Intergenerational Encourager

Other members and consultants will be added as necessary. 

For direct contact details apply to the Administrative Officer.

The Heart of Newhaven Community is exploring steps needing to be taken through The Steering Group and its Executive Committee to:

Engage with the current owners of Victoria Primary School

Meet with key stakeholders and conduct consultations

Engage consultants and other professional experts as required

Liase with other voluntary sector bodies, local authorities, local businesses, UK and Scottish government departments and agengies and other bodies, all with a view to furthering the associations objects

Take such steps as may be deemed appropriate for the purpose of raising funds for the association’s activities; to accept grants, donations and legacies of all kinds accepting any reasonable conditions attaching

Form a company or other legal entity, charitable or otherwise, with appropriate objects as a vehicle to acquire Victoria Primary School.

All other powers as are necessary to achieve the Objects.

The Executive Committee shall comprise of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Steering Group shall comprise of the members of the Executive Committee and a minimum of 9 members appointed by the Executive Committee.

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