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Heart of Newhaven on some current greening projects

13th January 2021

  1. Mini orchard in VICTORIA PARK

By the beech hedge on the left, at the top of the slope running up from the Craighall Road railway bridge there are currently two fruit trees, the survivors of a planting by the ECC community garden officers a few years ago.

There is now a plan to create a mini community orchard in this area. The project is supported by the Friends of Victoria Park and The Heart of Newhaven, and co-ordinated by myself.

Trinity Academy and Trinity Primary will be invited to choose a class or club to take part in the planting and tending of 8 fruit trees under instruction from the local community gardens officer. The trees will come from Scottish Heritage Fruit Trees and we will invite a representative from the company to talk to the students. The trees will be native and unusual varieties, thus increasing biodiversity in the park. We are keen to increase biodiversity and community use of the park, and especially keen to involve the students in valuing and caring for it. If successful, we would hope to plant more fruit trees in the future, in other parts of the park.

We hope that everyone who uses the park will enjoy the trees at all seasons of the year.


  1. Wilding Project on Western Harbour

Under instruction from experts from the RBGE and the Edinburgh Shoreline Project, pupils from Victoria Primary School helped to plant 50 native Scottish shrubs and trees and the grassy mounds between the David Lloyd Centre and the sea. The intention is to create a wild area of coastal scrub which will encourage insects and birds, thus enhancing a largely barren area for the benefit of both humans and wildlife.

The trees are currently small and vulnerable and have been protected with plastic tubes, but we hope to remove these in due course.

Back in the classroom, the children created illustrations of the birds that might be seen around the area and these have been incorporated into an informative banner, which will be fixed to the fence.


These are strange times we are living through:-

  •      Do not have friends and family in our own homes.

  • Keep socially distanced.

  • Wear a mask.

  • Restaurants and pubs are closed.

  • Do not book a holiday because we do not know what is going to happen.

  • Prepare for a DIGITAL CHRISTMAS !!!

People are lonely, worried about job security, anxious about money, anxious about their children’s education. There are any number of anxieties and worries out there but this is NOT MENTAL ILLNESS.  It is STRESS caused by circumstances out-with our control.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines well-being as “ the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”.  Stress and anxiety are not necessarily a medical issue, as so much of the media would have us believe, but a lack of well-being, which is a social issue and communities coming together can help resolve this.

Someone once said that if you remove the i from ILLNESS and add we, it becomes WELLNESS



which in turn leads to

Medical Wellness                                    

Community Wellness                                     Personal Wellness


Heart of Newhaven are helping to create this and we need you to sign up as a volunteer with us to make our community of Newhaven the best place to live in Edinburgh.

The things that might be small to you, going for a walk, having a short telephone conversation, collecting a prescription, can snowball into an avalanche of huge change to bring well-being to many more people. 

Victor Hugo of Les Miserables fame wrote:

Nothing is more powerful than an idea that has reached its time.

The community of the HEART OF NEWHAVEN has reached its time.

Join us and turn illness into wellness and defeat loneliness and anxiety by the power of our community coming together.

Community Support 

It’s amazing how people react differently in a crisis and this is the biggest crisis in any of our lifetimes.

People across Edinburgh, Newhaven and the worldare offering, in all sorts of ways, to help their neighbours. 

We will try to keep you updated -  any news please contact us !


Looking for thoughts on the current situation 

Read Rodney Matthews  latest instalment of a narrative of intensive care

Thoughts by Rodney Matthews HoN 

Really Helpful Poster about Health and Well Being During C-19 click image below

NHS Critical Support Document  Here 

Here is a list of local organisations who are offering help:-

❤️ Caring in Craigmillar 0131 510 6930

An organisation set up to contact vulnerable people twice a day to check on their welfare, reduce loneliness, signpost to other agencies when needed and all free of charge.

❤️Next Door.  nextdoor.co.uk

Next door-Neighbourhood is an app which introduces neighbours in areas all over the city and they are all busy offering to do anything necessary to help.


U3A is for anyone over 55 and retired.  It is made up of groups of people who have interests in common from Art to Zumba and everything in between. Meetings have been suspended but members are encouraged to keep in contact by telephone.

❤️Leith’s Harbour and Newhaven Community Council lhncc.org.uk

The community council are looking into ways in which they can help and they are aware of services that have closed and who could use help in contacting people who have been left vulnerable by these closures.

❤️Newhaven Church n-c.org.uk

John Hodge 0131 552 4339
The church along with other churches in Edinburgh are looking at ways of helping and would welcome offers of help.

❤️Pilmeny project

Services for older adults are needing volunteers

❤️Age Scotland

0800 12 44 222
Free chat line Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

In a time of distance

The unexpected always happens in the way
The unexpected has always occurred:
While we are doing something else,
While we are thinking of altogether
Different things – matters that events
Then show to be every bit as unimportant
As our human concerns so often are;
And then, with the unexpected upon us,
We look at one another with a sort of surprise;
How could things possibly turn out this way
When we are so competent, so pleased
With the elaborate systems we’ve created –
Networks and satellites, intelligent machines,
Pills for every eventuality – except this one?

And so we turn again to face one another
And discover those things
We had almost forgotten,
But that, mercifully, are still there:
Love and friendship, not just for those
To whom we are closest, but also for those
Whom we do not know and of whom
Perhaps we have in the past been frightened;
The words brother and sister, powerful still,
Are brought out, dusted down,
Found to be still capable of expressing
What we feel for others, that precise concern;
Joined together in adversity
We discover things we had put aside:
Old board games with obscure rules,
Books we had been meaning to read,
Letters we had intended to write,
Things we had thought we might say
But for which we never found the time;
And from these discoveries of self, of time,
There comes a new realisation
That we have been in too much of hurry,
That we have misused our fragile world,
That we have forgotten the claims of others
Who have been left behind;
We find that out in our seclusion,
In our silence; we commit ourselves afresh,
We look for a few bars of song
That we used to sing together,
A long time ago; we give what we can,
We wait, knowing that when this is over
A lot of us – not all perhaps – but most,
Will be slightly different people,
And our world, though diminished,
Will be much bigger, its beauty revealed afresh.

Alexander McCall Smith