Photographs by Lesley Walpole March 2020



Pulsating with energy is Victoria Primary School, full of children who in 2020 will move across Lindsay Road to a new site to pursue dreams for the future.

This iconic building and its annexe deserve be an asset for the whole community of Newhaven –young and old, long-time residents and those newly moved here: everybody who wants to have a place to enjoy  activities that can't yet find a space in Newhaven.  

Newhaven has a distinct identity.

Its rapidly increasing population and range of activities is crying out for a focal point to express our sense of community life, especially to help those in greatest need of care and well-being. 

As Victoria Primary School prepares to move to its new site at Western Harbour in 2020 we are applying to acquire the site at THE HEART OF NEWHAVEN through Community Asset Transfer.

The validation of our application is an important step. 

Heart of Newhaven was chosen as a name for the proposed centre, and the campaign to keep this building for the community, because

         ●  it is in the centre of 'Greater Newhaven' (old and new combined) 

        ● because a community space for everyone is what keeps the community heart in

Newhaven for the future.


The Plan from Community Consultation so Far and the Basis for the Community Bid: 

These are exciting plans the whole community has worked hard to bring together.

The Plan for the whole Victoria Primary School site includes provision for a range of community led activities including:

● An Early Years Centre in the Anchor Building including

● Nursery

● Creche facilities

● Café

● Artists’ Studios and exhibition space

● Rehearsal space for the Youth Theatre and local Choir

● Heritage Suite including

       ● Wee Museum

       ● Newhaven Museum

       ● History of Education Centre ( aka Victorian Schoolroom)

● Men’s Shed

● Shared Business Centre for small businesses

What Can I Do?

1.   Have a handful of copies of the registration form (download and pen handy

2.   Knock on the door of your next door neighbour. Talk to your friends and colleagues and share your enthusiasm.

3.   Have forms handy when meeting friends.

4.   Forward or share the the link with your friends, family and on social groups.

5.   Explain that all that is necessary is a name, email address or address and signature.

6.   It costs nothing and the contact is protected by Data Protection Regulations

7.   Ask if they know people (do you?) who might miss out because they are always "the forgotten". Think hard about that one. It's the people we forget we need to remember.  

8.   Encourage anyone who has a bright idea of what our heart should include if it is going to be a hub of creative activity. Tell us! Why has no one suggested Newhaven needs public toilets? Add obvious things to the list. What/who else should be included.?

Contact us as: 

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